Over the years Electric Wolf has been a Game developer, as a side effect of making games I have also developled many Unity packages that can be download fromt he Unity Asset store.
Below is a selection of my favourite packages

Road Builder Road build lets you create non-linear roads by creating the road mesh from a network of nodes. With easy you use button to extrude the road, create junctions and join roads.
Building new roads has never been so easy. More details here

Book Effect Image Book Effect Lets you add a book with turning pages in to any unity game.
Just add the prefab book object and then add all of your textures in the Inspector. Add as many as you need. More details here

Garden Flowers A collection of low poly garden flowers for Unity3D. Flowers have individual prefabs and also a collection of Flower Beds prefabs with pre-arranged groups of flowers for easy placement. More details here

Building Builder lets you create a variety of Lowpoly buildings from a defined list of settings. Each building is created by a collection of options that can easy be changed or set to use a random set of values. More details here

The latests game from Electric Wolf are...

Gem Chaser Title

In a land where life depends on the Gem Guardians.
They take special care of the Gems, So life can grow and bloom, unfortunately
Lord Monochrome has stolen all the gems, the Gem Guardians are lost without them.
They have one last hope - a Gem Chaser.

You are the last Gem Chaser.
You need to retrieve all the gems from Lord Monochrome,
and along the way you may be able to rescue the other gem chasers.

Collect the gems and return them back through the coloured gates.
The Gem Guardians will be forever grateful.

Download for free for android